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Meaning of Mahakala Thangka

Thangka painting depicting Mahakala is a wrathful Buddhist deity, who is considered to be the fierce and powerful emanation of Avalokitesvara and Chakrasamvara. This guardian deity defends Dharma from corruption & degeneration. He guides and protects one from all kinds of deception & delusion, and bestows the power to overcome life struggles.


Mahakala is considered one of the most important Dharmapalas, protectors of Dharma, also known as Universal Laws. Decorating his crown, are the five skulls, symbols of the transmutation of the five 'kleshas', negative emotions, into the five wisdoms. His face is meant to frighten bad spirits away and keep away negative energies, thoughts and actions.

Mahakala is also worshiped by Hindus as the ultimate manifestation of Lord Shiva and his consort MahaKali, representing the enormous power of Brahman.

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